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Newsletter No. 44 January 18, 2018
Public Private Dialogue Newsletter
Special edition
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Dear Stakeholders, previous year was successful for Public Private Dialogue.

What have we achieved?

First of all, 30 seminars were held, more than 600 representatives of business associations, SME, BSO were trained and received international certificates.

We participated in the project East Invest 2 and The 4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum in Tallinn.

We developed the Regional Position Paper, which was submitted and approved in Kiev and Tallinn.

We developed the Webpage

An important achievement was the creation of an international Consortium.

What is your benefit from work with us?
  • Contacts 
  • BMO/BSO/SME support
  • Development PPD in your country
  • Business Consulting
  • Advocacy
  • Development new markets
  • Multilingual international experts
  • Organization of exhibition, international seminars, presentations, business trips 
  • Information support

  1. You are a representative of a SME/BMO/BSO
  2. You are familiar with the RPP
  3. You have a Project Idea, a proposal, a need, and you understand that other EaP countries has the same problem
  4. Send your Project Idea
All received ideas will be discussed with European organizations, the most significant ideas will find a sponsor and interested in cooperation.

Read the RPP. RPP will help you to formulate proposals and ideas in five areas:
1. Investment & Business Environment
2. Access to Finance
3. Access to Markets
4. Innovation & Skills
5. Tax & Customs

In each block - specific challenge and recommendations that can be the basis for the Project Idea. We expect more than 300 ideas.

Tell us about your Organization, fill the Form

We are sharing information through the Webpage

Yours sincerely,
Vladimir Karyagin
Speaker / Chairman

Карягин Владимиp
Председатель Высшего
Координационного Совета
СЮЛ «Республиканская конфедерация
ул.Серафимовича, 11-115
220033 Минск, Беларусь
т./ф.: +375(17)2982438/41

Compiled by: Katerina Safonova
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